ZAC Boucicaut (75)



The Boucicaut district, located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, offers a unique location in a particularly dense urban environment in the heart of the capital, on a territory formerly occupied by the Boucicaut hospital. The layout of the district, designed by Sem Pariseine, must thus meet the ambitions set by the city of Paris: develop the site into a mixed, durable and responsible Eco-district from an environmental point of view.


Help Sem Pariseine establish and perpetuate a sustainable development strategy for the operation: define the environmental profile of the ZAC (business park), lead a Sustainable Development team, help draw up a subvention dossier, help developers at all stages of the design through workshops and informal exchanges, sign PC and PRO/DCE dossiers for real estate projects and AVP and PRO dossiers for public spaces, work site monitoring for public spaces, assess the performance 1 year after the delivery, support with obtaining the “EcoQuartier” label.

Axonométrie Boucicaut
ZAC Boucicaut, Paris - Paul Chemetov


  • Creation of social and functional diversity in the district
  • Creation of a biodiversity reservoir: wildlife fixtures (bat houses, insect hotels), no exotic species
  • Several buildings recover rainwater for urban uses
  • Fully open-air management of rainwater
  • Bioclimatic design for all the buildings