Our capabilities

Let's work together to speed up the transformation of your city and your region.

Whether your city is described as "Sustainable", "Resilient" or "Smart", you, the players in the region, are facing increasing challenges: ecological and energy transition, digitalisation of utilities and services, social division etc. As you face these changes, we will support you, and help you to "think outside the box", to try out new solutions.

"Innovation means going beyond the boundaries, beyond your own limitations, being able to collaborate with other fields of expertise than your own, interdisciplinarity encourages the unexpected, innovation and serendipity".

Michel Serres, French Philosopher

Innovative and proactive

Experts in urban services (water, energy, waste...)

Creative and flexible

Our basics

We offer you the benefit of the services of both a consultant design agency and the expertise of an innovation incubator.

We bring you the strength of a large corporation, a world leader in optimised resource management. We are part of Veolia's Development, Innovation & Sales Division.

We are there to support you wherever you are, in your regions, in France and abroad.



Our mission

If, for you, accelerating the transformation of your city and your region means:

  • designing sustainable neighbourhoods that are pleasant to live in;
  • strengthening social links;
  • developing the circular economy;
  • combating global warming;
  • preserving biodiversity;
  • ensuring the success of your transformation projects;

so, as partners, let's create innovation strategies and develop practical solutions together!



Our 3 guiding action principles

Ecological, technological, organisational, social, contractual, new Business Models: we want to bring innovation to all stages and levels of your project. Let's work together to build prototypes for promising solutions!

To transform your region in a concrete and sustainable way, and to make your organisations more efficient: these are our ambitions!


  • With a responsive and committed team: we will develop a relationship of trust with you.
  • You are very demanding in the way your projects are carried out and delivered: we work alongside you to implement rigorous, understandable and well-adapted processes. We guarantee you quality deliverables!


Effectivity schema 2EI


You want to have in-depth analyses of the needs of public operators or of the evolution of infrastructures and services: with a proactive approach, we always integrate the latest scientific and technological advances into our projects.

You need specific expertise in the water, energy and waste sectors: we are specialists in these urban services.

Like you, we believe in collective intelligence. That's why we design, build and deploy your solutions in a participatory manner.

The benefit? Combine our different cultures and expertise to achieve your objectives. For each project, we create the appropriate partnerships, between public and private stakeholders from the city, NGOs, residents, etc.