Waste Box Platform



To test a platform model with 0 operational asset and develop the concept throughout Veolia’s geographies.
The initial test segment is Construction and Demolition ( C&D), where Veolia’s presence is low.
A successful test will provide a solid platform for further development of this business model to other segments.


After assessing internal development options, 2EI invested on behalf of Veolia in an Austrian start-up Pink Robin which developed the Waste Box concept. Waste Box is an “Uberization” of waste collection and treatment, allowing C&D sector companies to connect with a network of waste collection and treatment service providers with a fully digitalized and 100% customer centric solution.

schéma Waste Box
Waste Box


The Waste Box solution can be developed through a franchise models for all of Veolia’s BUs.
Waste Box Germany has been launched in November 2018 and Waste Box France is set to follow suit in early 2019. Other contacts are also being developed.