Technical and Operational Assistance

Supporting Operations to improve clients’ level of service and performance:

As part of the Veolia Group, Seureca has developed a thorough expertise of mid to long-term technical assistance to operations with measurable outcomes, providing the client with continuous engineering support, from the strategy-definition stage to the practical implementation. Seureca’s approach ensures the client a sustainable success in a continuous improvement process, through capacity building and know-how transfer.
Seureca provides mid to long-term technical assistance services concerning:

  • preliminary appraisal phases and audits to identify action plans based on solid business case studies with corporate vision and objectives, while dressing a situation-organization baseline;
  • implementation phases, deploying all identified actions within an integrated framework coping with the day-to-day operation of the utilities;
  • implementation of follow-up by reliable KPIs, Key Performance Indicators; and
  • the development of a change management program to ensure long-term sustainable outcomes.

Seureca’s technical assistance expertise is unique. It merges consultancy background with real operational experience and knowledge of water, waste, and energy services, backed by the 160-year experience of the Veolia Group. In light of this practical experience, Seureca’s engineers design pragmatic, achievable – even  ambitious – solutions and integrate them. Once the project is defined, Seureca gives the client support during the implementation, while continuously updating the programs.
Technical assistance can take various contractual forms, from traditional consultancy to management contracts:
 In the scope of Technical assistance, Seureca covers a wide range of expertise:                                                                         

  • Corporate mission, vision and objectives definition
  • Organization review
  • Business strategies per business line, with OPEX/CAPEX models
  • Corporate business plan and budget preparation
  • Business processes definition
  • Asset management and investment policies
  • Operations and maintenance optimization
  • Customer management
  • Metering and additional revenue
  • Energy efficiency
  • Non-revenue water assessment and reduction
  • Electrical and hydraulic modeling
  • Emergency response planning and business continuity strategies
  • Information systems: SCADA, CMMS, CIS, GIS, etc.
  • KPI and dashboard definition
  • Capacity building and training
  • Tender preparation

Focus on improving competencies and knowledge transfer:
Seureca has accumulated worldwide experience in designing and delivering technical training courses and knowledge-transfer schemes. These contribute directly to the utilities performance objective achievements:

  • Tailor-made training courses, delivered on the client's premises
  • Job coaching
  • Job shadowing
  • International learning trips

Seureca provides customized knowledge-transfer packages, based on each client’s specific challenges.
Training courses often combine classroom and on-site sessions in small groups to optimize learning in daily job situations. Aside from training, innovative knowledge-transfer stratagems can also be implemented, such as job shadowing, coaching, or international learning trips based on international best-practices sharing.