Sustainable plastics materials sourcing



The goal of this project is to prove Veolia's ability to act on recyclable waste collection in any geography.
This project shows that digital technologies can boost informal waste collection networks. It allows Veolia to offer its customers solutions to respond to their producer responsibility requirements, even in emerging markets.


2EI proposed to design solutions in collaboration with Kabadiwalla Connect ( KC), an Indian startup which has developed a number of apps (B2C,B2B) to create a virtual infrastructure identifying, at a local level, all key stakeholders in the recycling supply chain. These apps connect stakeholders with waste holders and waste transformers, enabling commercial transactions. 2EI is currently defining a collaboration model with KC to further spread the solution to other business cases or territories.

Kabadiwala scheme


Through this project, 2EI is participating in Veolia's “Sustainable Plastics” proposal which supports our industrial customers' secondary raw materials needs, with technical, environmental and ethical guarantees. This project aims to help technical and financial tools to establish Extended Producer Responsibility schemes in developing countries.