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Sustainable City Industrial Demonstrator “Rêves de Scènes Urbaines” - Plaine Commune (93)



2EI is a member of the Institute for Sustainable cities and member of the VIVAPOLIS brand aimed at promoting and exporting French expertise in this area. To do so, the need for demonstrators was soon felt, ad faced with the difficulty of establishing demonstrators abroad, it was decided to set up a virtual demonstrator in which “STGO Des3aDo” (Santiago, Chile) took part. However, this was not quite enough to fully replace the need for physical, life-size demonstration.


The stakeholders pleaded their case with the French government, who launched the call for projects “Démonstrateurs Industriels pour la Ville Durable” (industrial demonstrators for sustainable cities), through its ministries in charge of ecology and urban development, in November 2015. 2EI joined Vinci, along with Artelia, to create the association “Rêves de Scènes Urbaines”(RSU), which was one of the winners of this call for projects. This association now includes some sixty members – large groups, SMEs and start-ups, as well as research institutes and universities. Every year, it launches a suggestions box, and thus generated 450 urban project ideas in three years, with a strong focus on innovations. These ideas are then selected by Plaine Commune for their implementation over the territory.


This demonstrator makes it possible to physically illustrate its members’ innovative solutions, as well as reinforce cooperation between French sustainable city actors in order for them to present themselves stronger on the export market, as a “pack” for global projects, instead of individually for their sole preferred fields.
These combined skills makes it possible to design solutions meeting customers’ ambitions by incorporating the best of French expertise, including Veolia’s.