Mise en place d'exploitations en micro-maraîchage bio intensif

Set up intensive organic micro market gardening



In the context of Veolia’s Fertile Cities project, the Group wishes to take part in creating new intensive, high-quality agricultural production systems, in urban and peri-urban environments. Intensive organic micro market gardening conducted as permaculture offers us the opportunity to organise new inclusive food ecosystems, from production to consumption, with and for the city. The aim of studying the intensive organic micro market gardening production system is to establish a robust and replicable business model.


Construction of a pilot farm in order to generate expertise specific to this form of agriculture as regards agronomy, economy and organisation. The pilot also makes it possible to build a digital planning and decision support tool, as well as establish a training scheme in order to use at best the inclusive potential of this new activity.
Through studying the concrete example of a urban farm in Quartier Concorde, in Lille, a partnership is emerging with Sodexo, the global leader of services for quality of life.

Micro-maraîchage biologique
Intensive organic micro market gardening pilot - Lille (France)


Positioning of Veolia as a structuring actor on one of the main challenges for the coming decades. Urban agriculture has become a major booster for our historic business lines and enables us to take an anticipated position on a future strategic sector.