Pop up by Veolia / Exemple lyonnais: LeCentSept

Pop up by Veolia / Example in Lyon: LeCentSept



Noting the increasing number of social issues around Veolia’s activities (neighbourhoods where it is difficult to intervene, people accessing the public service illegally, etc.) and that on the other hand, Veolia has the possibility and opportunity to work with many structures of the social and solidarity economy (circular economy, district mediation associations, etc.), it seemed legitimate to reinforce the link between the social and solidarity economy world – a vector for strong social impact, and Veolia’s activities.


2EI developed for Veolia, a system to reinforce this ecosystem called POP UP by Veolia, which offers to local innovative structures of the social and solidarity economy an incubation of several months in order to strengthen them and improve their performance, before cultivating collaboration opportunities with Veolia and the local ecosystem. Therefore, in Lyon, Veolia partnered up with Ashoka, Ronalpia, Le Mouves and La Foncière Etic to create the local social innovation centre = le CentSept. This place incubates social companies such as CRESUS for over-indebtedness and Voisin Malin for mediation along with others, by helping them implant themselves in Lyon and work with partner companies of the CentSept ecosystem. Veolia and CRESUS get to work together with over-indebted customers, for example.

Pop up by Veolia / Exemple lyonnais: LeCentSept
CentSept Incubator, Lyon (France)


Since 2014, 2EI has developed this concept in 4 countries with 55 supported social entrepreneurs and 15 co-creations between Veolia and these entrepreneurs. The Pop Up by Veolia programme made it possible to reinforce the Group’s territorial anchorage while promoting the creation of employment and the attractiveness of territories.