Performance Improvement

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Within Veolia Group, 2EI is a unique entity whose main objective is to help innovative solutions, technologies and business models emerge and get successfully disseminated.
The Innovation department conceives and develops new service offerings for the city and the territory, by designing and implementing innovative solutions experimentations.
The Consulting department supports urban and territorial projects stakeholders in the definition and implementation of their sustainable development strategies.

The Performance Improvement department provides specific consultancy services with the objectives of identifying and implementing opportunities for performance improvements. This highly collaborative approach combines the technical and operational know-how (of our customers and Veolia Group) with a comprehensive approach to performance transformation and change management.
The Performance Improvement team has developed an expertise in change management with a specific focus on performance achievement, which encompass collaborative project management, performance management, stakeholder engagement, and capability-building.
We propose different levels of services to our customers, from change management training & coaching, to Performance Remunerated implementation of operational improvement initiatives.

2EI resources consist in a core transformation team and a network of specialists of the digital revolution from different countries.
  • Eric Hestin – Principal, He's been certified in the Change Management Process through PROSCI
  • Sandrine Dubuc – Implementation Manager
  • Maud Triaud – Senior Associate