ZAC du Parc d’Affaires d’Asnières-sur-Seine (92)

The Parc d’Affaires business park in Asnières-sur-Seine (92)



The city of Asnières and its developer CITALLIOS want to transform the 16 hectares of the Parc d’Affaires (a former business park with low density and poor quality buildings, separated from the rest of Asnières and very isolated) into a new local urban centre, around the Grésillons station project for the Grand Paris Express and in close vicinity to the Seine. The challenge is to meet the political ambitions, i.e. turn this area into a mixed eco-district with a fluvial identity.


Help CITALLIOS with all sustainable development aspects: update and simplify environmental specifications, support developers at all design stages through workshops and informal exchanges, sign PC and PRO/DCE dossiers for real estate projects and AVP and PRO dossiers for public spaces, work site monitoring for both public spaces and buildings, support with obtaining the “EcoQuartier” label, conduct a decision-support study pertaining to the energy provision and household waste management

ZAC du Parc d’Affaires d’Asnières-sur-Seine (92)
ZAC du Parc d'affaires, Asnières - Agence TER


  • The operation is generating strong interest from municipal inhabitants.
  • It is especially virtuous from an environmental point of view: rooftop urban agriculture managed by a farmer, bioclimatic design and Effinergie+ level for buildings, creation of a geothermal heating and cooling network, gravitational and open air management of rainwater up to the twenty year rainfall level, a majority of local species planted, etc.
  • The operation has undertaken the “EcoQuartier” certification process.