Urban refreshment of the Multi Modal Hub in Nice

The Grand Arena district located north of Nice Airport is the subject of an overall development as part of the Operation of National Interest of the Plaine du Var. In order to take into account the issues of outdoor comfort and urban heat island (ICU) on the multimodal exchange pole (PEM) of Nice Saint-Augustin, the EPA Plaine du Var has set up a collaboration between the project management team (Agent: Mateo Arquitectura) and 2EI.

The two solutions (refreshing pavements and road watering) installed at the end of 2018 aim to lower the temperature felt by pedestrians above the resfreshed surfaces, by injecting or spraying raw water previously treated.

As part of the monitoring of these innovative solutions, an evaluation of the improvement of outdoor comfort is carried out for two years, through the continuous measurement of physical parameters (temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed). These indicators make it possible to calculate the only thermal comfort indicator, the UTCI (Universal Thermal Climate Index).


Refreshing pavements

Road watering