Helping an industrial player to optimize its resource consumption thanks to eco-challenges and real time monitoring

In the Capécure industrial seaport area of Boulogne-sur-Mer,, 2EI is testing a service to help companies optimize their resource consumption  - mainly water and energy - in a partnership with Veolia Water and eGreen. These tests are taking place at the “Centre de Formation des Produits de la Mer et de la Terre” (CFPMT).

The CFPMT, CSR-accredited since 2017, has long been committed to continually improving its environmental performance and is actively monitoring its energy consumption to achieve this goal.

To help the Center improv its performance, 2EI designed a set of challenges to raise employees’ awareness of eco-actions to save water and energy: A site audit was conducted to highlight key areas of potential savings among the main consumer situations and actions, refine the network of sensors if needed, interface the different data flows with a digital platform and developing a set of targeted eco-actions. This demonstrator focused specifically on reducing the resource consumption from fish-cutting and filleting activities. Progress relating to these challenges were shared in real time with staff via a digital portal and traditional channels.

After the first two sets of challenges, all stakeholders agreed that significant reductions in resource consumption were achievable for electricity (10%) and water (30%) by raising awareness and managing behavioural changes without affecting the quality or effectiveness of the industrial processes.