Az'UP: an incubator to boost positive impact entrepreneurs!

A new social entrepreneurship incubator is launched in France, in the Alpes Maritimes: Az'UP!
Its goal? To offer local social entrepreneurs a support program tailored to their specific needs. Az'UP will be able to count on the resources of its 3 founding partners:

  • French Tech Côte d'Azur: for its expertise in the field of Tech For Good and digital tools serving the public interest (becoming a partner of Veolia), 
  • Veolia: for bringing expertise to social entrepreneurs in areas related to the environment and its ability to open up business opportunities.
  • Inter-Made: for its recognized expertise in the field of supporting entrepreneurs of the social and solidarity economy since 2001.

The call for applications for the Starter program is launched!

2EI Veolia has had a key role in the development of this incubator through its social engineering:

  • Identification and mobilization of relevant partners upstream of the project,
  • Coordination of partners during the creation phase of Az'UP to share the strength of each of the social entrepreneurs,
  • Diagnosis of social and environmental challenges around Veolia's local activities to identify opportunities for collaboration with entrepreneurs.

Az'UP and Veolia's local entities are joining the Pop Up by Veolia program and its network of 12 partner incubators in France and abroad. The ambition of 2EI through the Pop Up program is clear: to contribute to the growth of entrepreneurs with high potential for positive impact and to increase the collaboration between these entrepreneurs and the different activities of Veolia.