The 2EI solution to adapt to heat waves and cool the city

Due to climate change heat waves are becoming more frequent and their intensity is increasing. Beyond the discomfort, these events generate real health risks for fragile urban populations. Urban refreshment adaptation solutions are becoming more and more necessary in our cities.


In addition to greening outdoor spaces and the improvement of their albedo (Increase the solar reflectance of urban surfaces), the solution developed by 2EI uses the evaporation of water to cool the floors and reduce the ambient temperatures felt. It is in Lyon, Toulouse and Nice that 2EI has developed innovative devices for humidifying pavements from recovered rainwater, raw water, ...etc. In Toulouse, they are porous pavers, irrigated by a cycle of drops that allows the absorption and evaporation of water. This water-efficient and teleoperated process makes the temperature drops from 10 to 15°C on the surface and from 5 to 8°C in the ambient air.


2EI is not only able to provide both consulting expertise and studies upstream of the implementation of this type of solutions to ensure their technical and financial feasibility and the real benefits on thermal comfort, but also to ensure the implementation and to monitor the performance of this new device.