2Ei has developed in Lyon, Toulouse and then Nice innovative solutions using controlled evaporation of water.
2EI was contracted by the City of Courbevoie to support the development of a new eco-district : the Village Delage
2EI was commisioned by Grand Paris Aménagement to accompagny the construction of hydraulic and landscaping facilities
2EI has been chosen by "La SECAL" to provide support in its choice of energy supply strategy
2EI Veolia has had a key role in the development of this incubator through its social engineering
2EI Veolia contributed upstream of this event to the study conducted by the students of Science Po Paris
Its been 2 years that 2EI is compensating all its greenhouse gas emissions.
2EI Veolia was pleased to be part of the jury in the 2019
The Grand Arena district located north of Nice Airport is the subject of an overall development as part of the Operation of National Interest of the Plaine du Var.