La Nouvelle-Orléans – États-Unis

New Orleans – United States



New Orleans (NOLA) is regularly affected by natural disasters. The role of the Sewer and Water Board (SWB) is to protect the city by a complex drainage system as well as provide drinking water and sewage services. Its electrical power supply is subject to frequent failures, which interrupts the rainwater pumps as well as the water treatment system. The city wanted to understand its exposure to a broader range of future risks and be better prepared and protected.


Gaining a detailed understanding of the vulnerabilities and implementing exposure mitigation measures makes it possible to optimise prevention costs, reduce losses and post-event recovery time frames. The partnership between NOLA, Veolia and Swiss Re enabled the city to have access to a unique combination of skills to develop the risk assessment for water, drinking water, and waste water systems, as well as assess the risks linked to the power supply for its assets according to the different weather scenarios.

La Nouvelle-Orléans
New Orleans water treatment plant


The results of the risk analysis provided the city with a detailed strategic infrastructure plan along with priority mitigation measures and the basis for a suitable risks transfer strategy, as well as the tools needed to monitor the advancement of the implementation and the effectiveness of these measures. The strategic recommendations include energy reliability measures, the reinforcement of flood defences, the advanced management of assets, smart systems for operational excellence, the development of skills and talents, and performance partnership solutions.