Milwaukee - United States



The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) decided to lead a regional resilience strategy, so as to establish a practical action plan to address the challenges of the 28 municipalities of the Milwaukee region. Following a call for tenders process, MMSD hired two consultants to this end: The Nature Conservancy (“TNC”), as “third-party consultant” and 2EI and Veolia as consultant for risks and territorial strategy.


  • Help MMSD manage the whole project;
  • Help TNC, the third-party consultant, support the consultation process and the commitment of stakeholders through workshops;
  • Identify and assess the risks for the Milwaukee region;
  • Select and rank a range of significant actions to improve the resilience at regional level following the benchmark and the co-construction workshops conducted.
Milwaukee Jones Island treatment plant South Lake
Milwaukee Jones Island treatment Plant


The process led to the publication of a resilience strategy for the Milwaukee region focussing around 3 major visions. Among 35 actions, 20 were selected by the stakeholders to be deployed locally. These aim to improve inhabitants’ quality of life, contribute to the economic development of the region and reduce social and racial inequalities, as well as adapt infrastructures to the challenges of the decades to come. A section pertaining to innovative funding schemes for these infrastructures was also included in the study.