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Loop ports



The aim of this project is to develop circular economy in ports, in particular concerning the cements, plastics, bio-plastics and metal segments. To do so, a network of ports will be developed during the project in order to assess the level of awareness and maturity of ports in this area and facilitate the sharing of good practices so as to increase the “circularity” of port operations.


2EI Veolia is especially in charge of 2 case studies, along with taking part in studying the opportunities for intervention and innovation recommendations. 2EI is also helping create the network and is organising 3 workshop.

Loop Ports


Beyond the benefits linked to circular economy in general (greenhouse gases, saving raw materials, etc.), the main benefits include the creation of completely new information focussing on ports (which will be kept up to date during 3 years after the end of the project and made available on a website). The same applies to the information on good practices.
Moreover, it is planned to establish links with other initiatives such as the ”European Platform of Stakeholders in the Circular Economy” in order to share this information more widely.
The conduct and development of initiatives in this area within the port network thus created during the project is also one of the major benefits expected.