Installation de fermes urbaines en aquaponie

Installation of urban aquaponic farms



In the context of Veolia’s Fertile Cities project, the Group wishes to take part in creating new intensive, high-quality agricultural production systems, in urban and peri-urban environments. The aquaponic system (combining aquaculture and hydroponics) mobilises Veolia’s expertise in its historic business lines to build circular models concerning energy, irrigation and fertility management. The aim of the study of this production system is to establish a robust and replicable business model.


A cooperation was established with the leading aquaponic start-up: BIGH. Borne by Innove, an equity investment in the BIGH holding was taken to build a robust and replicable model with this new partner. The partnership thus built will make it possible to help Veolia BUs deploy aquaponic solutions over their territories. Feasibility studies on concrete cases are ongoing: Waste treatment centre ; Waste water treatment plant in France; + 8 projects under analysis.

Urban aquaponic farm, Bruxelles - BIGH


Positioning of Veolia as a structuring actor on one of the main challenges for the coming decades. Urban agriculture has become a major booster for our historic business lines and enables us to take an anticipated position on a future strategic sector.