Innovative partnership with industrial groups



In the context of an optimizing operational expenses ambitious program for more than one hundred factories in the world, a large industrial group needs efficient solutions and ease of replication. In the case of a partnership with this industrial group with the goal to reach  Zero carbon emissions in 2050, Veolia would like to evaluate and propose a tailor-made innovative offer for the follow-up and reduction of energetical expenses, un all the factories.


2EI has implemented workshops defining the group needs,  prepared the construction of a roadmap for the energy performance management of factories, established the definition of pilots in two countries to test the approach before application of its generalization, followed by their implementation and the formalization of the offer for the industrial group.


Support given by 2EI has enabled the co-construction of an innovative offer for our industrial customer through :

  • The clarification of objectives, 

  • The alignment of expectations, both internally and with external partners

  • The definition of the pilots scope and their follow-up