Sofia, Bulgarie

Improve the living conditions of rom populations Sofia - Bulgaria



In the Rom districts of Sofia, houses are not legally hooked up to the water supply and sewage networks. Almost all houses have access to water through illegal connections, often with very low pressure and frequent interruptions. After trying several technical solutions to resolve this difficulty, the operator realised that a purely technical solution was not enough. In this context, the idea was born to design an innovative social project between the water distribution operator, Veolia Sofyskia Voda, and the international NGO “Eau et Vie”.


The intervention of 2EI was came from the need to establish an innovative service access model - hybrid model, NGO identification - which required the project to be coordinated between the NGO and the water distribution operator to conduct the first study phase, which consisted in assessing the project scope, as well as the current situation and the need of the populations in the target slum, along with the compatibility of Eau et Vie’s approach with the local context and the feasibility of a joint pilot project. 2EI supervised the establishment of this partnership, produced a SWOT analysis of this project to converge the different actors towards a common project.

Camp Roms Sofia, Bulgarie
Slum, Sofia - Bulgaria


2EI enabled the operator and NGO to reach an agreement on an operational partnership, through its expertise as regards the access to essential services, the establishment of hybrid models, as well as understanding the NGO’s development issues, and the CSR and commercial issues of Veolia’s local entity.