Mission management de l'Energie Eau France

France Water Energy management mission



The Technical Department of Veolia Eau France (DTF) built an energy efficiency plan for the whole Water operations scope in France. This plan was structured around 3 areas of focus: compliance with the ISO 50 001 standard, a 2018 – 2020 savings plan with a national cost reduction target, and the digitisation of operating business lines.
The Technical Department set up a series of innovative tools to better control energy performance and monitor the improvement potential more accurately. These transformations were completed through a reorganisation and working on the energy performance dialogue between territorial and national operating entities.


2EI was appointed for different tasks aiming to:

  • Provide recommendations on the organisation to adopt in order to optimise energy performance.
  • Assess the level of adoption of the tools set up and monitor the resulting energy gains.
  • Work with the users in defining the tools, analyse the data and indicators in order to prepare the report, and measure the gains.
  • Help the teams improve their skills.
Mission management de l'énergie Eau France


  • Preparation for the ISO 50 001 standard audit, which was successfully renewed in 2018
  • Measurement of the potential gains on territorial and national scales, and assessment of the level of adoption for the tools.
  • Support the actors in setting up the energy performance governance plan.