Eau du Grand Lyon - Hublo

Eau du Grand Lyon - Hublo



“Hublo” is the name given to the digital hypervision tool for Eau du Grand Lyon (the Greater Lyon waterworks), which aims to de-compartmentalise the data used within the teams and enable transparency with the Greeter Lyon city. 2EI provides its support in the deployment of Hublo to improve its operational performance and optimise the existing processes.


2EI supported the Eau du Grand Lyon teams in a first phase to take stock of the performance, as well as identify and prioritise the levers for improvement. Next, 2EI structured the organisational and human changes to be implemented to ensure performance gains and established the monitoring indicators for the deployment phase. 7 levers for improvement were selected for 2017-2018, for which 2EI is helping the teams steer the project and encourage the interaction between Eau du Grand Lyon and the different stakeholders within Veolia.

Eau du Grand Lyon - Hublo
HUBLO hypervision center, Lyon (France)


The Hublo project created a dynamic around a common corporate project and led to the de-compartmentalisation of information between the departments. A detailed roadmap for each improvement lever enables Eau du Grand Lyon to conduct its digital transformation efficiently and durably.