Concours d’Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris, secteur du Franchissement Pleyel

The competition to invent the Greater Paris City, Franchissement Pleyel sector



In the context of the call for projects “Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris” (let’s invent the Greater Paris City), there is a strong political will to:

  • Propose resilient, innovative, sustainable, value-adding and solidarity projects
  • See the candidate groups guarantee the feasibility of the innovations proposed through a commitment protocol. This implies the integration of service managers and operators from the first design phases of the projects.


2EI acted as an intermediary between the developers/architects and the Group entity dedicated to energy, Veolia Energie France, in order to assess the energy needs of the district, study the feasibility and size a reliable and economically viable temperate water loop solution.

Plan de masse Peyel
IMGP1 Secteur du Franchissement Pleyel, Saint-Denis - Lambert Lenack


The location constraints for the shared energy network solution was integrated upstream in the project design.