CEAT Toulouse

Competition of the Guillaumet site (ex-CEAT) of Toulouse Métropole



In 2016, Toulouse Métropole launched a competition for an urban development concession on the Guillaumet site, where the Centre d’Essais Aéronautique de Toulouse (CEAT) is located. On this 10 ha site, an innovative 99,000 m2 urban programme, predominantly housing, is to be developed. The project must be exemplary as regards sustainable development and guarantee the implementation of its ambitions and the monitoring of its performance.


2EI intervened in the competition phase, as an integrator of Veolia Group’s innovative solutions, and worked on the neighbourhood’s electrical supply through recovering waste water heat, circular waste management in the building phase and through a pneumatic collection system in the operating phase, and finally on the development of urban cooling solutions using cooling cobblestones.

rue Lemresquier depuis Guillaumet
Site Guillaumet (ex-CEAT), Toulouse - Ateliers Lion


  • Optimised design and integration of energy supply and waste management infrastructures in the project, from the upstream phases
  • Partnership with developers for an optimal development as regards the project phasing
  • Commitment with Toulouse Métropole as regards the implementation and long-term operation of the solutions