Colmar, recovery of a rail wasteland



  • Meet the challenges of the city of Colmar by offering a development scenario in order to improve the territory’s economic attractiveness. The aim is to offer a new centre to the city of Colmar on this former SNCF site, next to the station.
  • Enhance the environment of this gateway to the city and turn environmental resources into an opportunity to develop the area instead of a constraint.


Enlighten the city of Colmar on the environmental and urban constraints inherent to the site: soil pollution, noise and visual nuisances, sanitary risks, water resource management).
Studying the different development scenarios made it possible to present the different opportunities and integrate structuring environmental solutions for the project: local energy production, creation of a water trail and use of the resource to reduce sound nuisances in the neighbourhood, establishment of a green framework integrated to the buildings reminiscent of the Ballons des Vosges, visible from the site.

Plan de masse Colmar
Friche ferroviaire, Colmar - AEI


  • Creation of a true environmental identity for the future territory project, validated with the city of Colmar.
  • Structuring of an operational project to support the city of Colmar in the negotiations phase with the SNCF.