Zone Capecure Boulogne-sur-Mer

Capécure zone Boulogne-sur-Mer



Ensure that Capécure remains the first European seafood processing hub. A fragile position: 400,000 t of products processed annually for only 34,000 t fished locally, the rest is delivered by lorry; the activity could thus easily be relocated.
Wish: reinforce the attractiveness of the industrial zone, reduce the costs for the companies, and provide innovation.


Methodology in 2 phases:
Phase 1 (02/2017 - 07/2017): understand the stakeholders’ activity and their expectations - identify priority actions => 100hrs of interviews with 65 public and private actors
Phase 2 (09/2017 - 06/ 2018-./2019): 20 actions selected in consultation with the CAB > 10 actions studied more in detail by Veolia > 2 demonstrators: use of seawater, and help with optimising utilities consumption.

Capecure Boulogne-sur-Mer
Fishmongers, Boulogne sur Mer (France)


The results are appreciated by the CAB (practical approach, high-potential solutions). If the sea water project concretises: economy of approx. one Euro per m3 of water consumed, preservation of the drinking water resource, additional fresh water and sanitation capacity for the city, implantation and reinforcement of new activities (fish ponds in particular).