Byblos - Liban

Byblos - Lebanon



Byblos is part of the 100 Resilient Cities network supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. As part of this network, Byblos defined and launched its Resilience Strategy Plan in 2017. This Plan includes a certain number of actions to be implemented by the City to improve its urban resilience.


2EI developed a methodology and tool making it possible to assess a city’s urban and environmental strategy. This reference frame relies both on Veolia Group’s expertise and the experience 2EI gained with local authorities, urban planners and city developers. During the strategy definition phase, 2EI conducted a critical review of the first actions identified by Byblos, based on the reference frame. This task made it possible to identify the areas for improvement for certain actions, as well as prioritise the actions and thus define an operational action plan.

Diagnosis - Historic assets indicator


Reviewing Byblos’ resilience strategy made it possible to enrich the Resilience Strategy Plan with 21 recommendations, including 12 concrete actions in addition to the 33 initial actions. These recommendations were made in line with the 5 pillars of the city’s Resilience Strategy Plan.