Transformation projects

Use the necessary levers to achieve performance objectives

Digitalisation of professions, development of performance contracts or integration of innovations: these transformation projects require a clear identification of your areas of progress beforehand. They also require a global approach, integrating people, tools and processes. At 2EI, we help you make your transformation projects a success.

Operational performance

Integration of innovation

Managing change

What type of support do you require?

Managing transformation projects

What for?

Deployment of innovations, adaptation of new businesses, improvement of productivity: today, 2/3 of transformation projects do not achieve their objectives! 2EI provides you with the keys to success.


Thanks to our international experience, we offer you a proven methodology and the expertise of our teams. And we support you at all stages of your project:

  • identifying areas of progress;
  • prioritising initiatives;
  • structuring of an action plan;
  • and deployment.

Performance contracts

What for?
Do you want to improve your performance quickly and sustainably? The transformation project requires support that is structured and structuring.

To this end, we propose that you conclude contracts in a socially committed way:

  • identifying areas for improving performance;
  • initiating new practices;
  • mobilising your teams for the long term;
  • the achievement of tangible performance improvement objectives.

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