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Sustainable urban projects

Design sustainable neighbourhoods that are pleasant to live in.

You are responsible for an urban project: what are its objectives in terms of sustainable development? How can they be reached? Working with you, we define the most appropriate environmental, social and economic strategy. Throughout its implementation, we support you and ensure the monitoring of operations. Our objective? To work with you to achieve simple, high-quality products that are appropriate for new uses.

Assisting in the management of sustainable development projects

Integrating innovative solutions

Pre-operational urban assessments

What kind of solutions are you looking for

Assisting in the management of sustainable development projects

What for?

For your urban development projects, at all stages: from their design to their takeover by the residents of the district.



2EI, your consultancy company in sustainable urban development, is committed to:

  • taking into account the ambitions of stakeholders;
  • adaptation to the specific features of the site;
  • the operational implementation of the project and the integration of new uses.

Our references


The Parc d’Affaires business park in Asnières-sur-Seine

Transforming an outdated business zone into a productive and resilient eco-neighbourhood.


The Boucicaut business park in Paris XV

Successfully converting a former hospital into an eco-neighbourhood.

Integrating Veolia's innovative solutions

What for?

As developers, you need a service operator from the design stage for an innovative urban project. 2EI helps you set up an effective partnership with Veolia.


What are the benefits?

In close collaboration with Veolia's operational teams, 2EI selects and develops solutions adapted to the specifics of your project. Through this innovative partnership, Veolia will establish itself as the future operator and will guarantee performance levels.

Our references

The Pleyel Crossing (le Franchissement Pleyel) IMGP1 site in Saint-Denis

Making the future hub of Greater Paris innovative and ecological.


The Guillaument site (formerly CEAT) in Toulouse
Coordinating Veolia's innovative solutions to make the project circular and efficient.

Passerelle Noisy
ZAC Quartier Durable de la Plaine de l'Ourcq - Dietmar Feichtinger

Pre-operational urban assessment

Whar for?

As public or private decision-makers, you need a decision support tool for an urban project. The pre-operational urban assessment enables you to prepare the first development scenarios and confirms the feasibility of the project. 2EI will participate in this study on your behalf alongside the urban architect.


What are the benefits?

2EI integrates sustainable development and innovation into the structuring elements of the urban project.

Our references

Cormeilles-en-Parisis Station

Renovating the city centre in a spirit of urban planning that encourages healthy living.


The former rail freight site at Colmar

Transforming a railway wasteland into an attractive entrance to the city.

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