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Solidarity and social inclusion

Reducing social and economic divisions in the regions.

How to strengthen social cohesion? How to reduce poverty? How to support the integration of vulnerable people? How to create an economic dynamic that would have a positive social impact on your regions? Let us imagine alternative and cooperative economic models with all the players involved! Our businesses and our local activities in the field of the circular economy are leading us to develop innovative business models based on "Social Business".

Social Business

Open Innovation

New inclusive business models

What activities do you want to initiate?

Developing access to drinking water in rural areas

What for?

You want to put in place a solution for access to drinking water for the poorest populations ("Base Of the Pyramid").



Social Business, an economic model with a social impact, is the answer. This new model is based on affordable products and services and is self-financing.

Our references

Grameen Veolia Water in Bangladesh
Providing access to drinking water through social business.

Improving access to essential services in informal settlements

What for?

Urban concentration is often accompanied by the development of informal housing. You are looking for solutions to develop access to water, energy and sanitation, as well as good waste management.

In what way?

We bring you the "Access" expertise of the Veolia group. Together, we are deploying innovative models for access to essential services. As a result, we are also able to include players in the informal economy, particularly in waste management.

Our references

Roma neighbourhoods in Sofia, Bulgaria
Creating a hybrid partnership between the water distribution operator and an NGO.

Develop social and solidarity entrepreneurial solutions

What for?

In your region, you want to fight poverty and reduce exclusion.


The advantages of partnership?

We work with you and social innovation partners to create incubators in your region. The aim? To encourage the creation and success of social start-ups linked to environmental services activities. In Open Innovation, you develop solutions that reduce exclusion.

Our references

Accelerating social innovation in Lyon
Implementing the Pop-Up programme with the co-creation of CentSept


Co-creating with social entrepreneurs in India
Developing new solutions to address territorial challenges with the Pop-Up programme

Goalmari - Munem Wassif

Improving the living standards of residents in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

What for?

You defend the right of all people to adequate means of subsistence, including those living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. You are tackling over-indebtedness.


Alternative financing schemes for energy efficiency renovation of their homes, support to better manage their budget...: in consultation with the residents, you put in place immediate concrete solutions.

Our references

Budget coaching in Nantes
Motivating the residents of the Bellevue district to upgrade the "Fastoche" app.

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