Résilience des territoires

Resilience in your regions

Anticipating and responding to environmental, economic and social crises.

Climatic events, natural disasters, demographic movements or industrial accidents: faced with the risks of sudden disruptions, you are striving to reduce the vulnerability of your regions and improve their ability to recover. The same is true for more gradual risks: resource shortages, social divisions or technological breakdowns. Working together, using circular and inclusive economic strategies, we can create strategies for mitigation, adaptation and continuous improvement. We will support you through to the action plan.

Diagnosis and risk analysis

Vulnerability Assessment

Remediation or mitigation measures

What kind of support are you looking for?

Regional resilience strategy

What for?

As local authorities, public institutions or private stakeholders, you would like to tackle this issue and structure your approach. On your behalf, 2EI:

  • will carry out a diagnosis of the issues at stake in your regions;
  • analyse gradual and sudden risks;
  • assess vulnerabilities;
  • develop a remedial action plan.


What are the benefits?

You can rely on a rigorous and personalised approach:

  • analysis and consideration of the local context;
  • consultation workshops with local stakeholders (interviews, brainstorming, etc.);
  • international benchmarks;
  • specific risk analysis tools.

Our references


Milwaukee Region Resiliency Plan (United States)

Developing a resiliency strategy for the region covered by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Operational implementation of the resilience strategy

What for?

As municipalities, you have implemented a resilience strategy and are looking to move to an operational action plan. Which means a concrete roadmap.



To bring you new pragmatic solutions, 2EI relies on:

  • a critical review of the action levers already in place;
  • robust and appropriate methodologies;
  • operational knowledge of environmental services and urban issues.


Our references 


Byblos (Lebanon)

Assessing a city's urban and environmental strategy to enhance its action plan.

Résilience des territoires - innondation

Urban infrastructure resilience strategy

What for?

You have identified a risk: a climatic event, a terrorist threat... And you are wondering about the vulnerability of your urban infrastructures: transport, roads, electricity, lighting, gas, telecommunications, water and sanitation, etc.


The advantages of our partnership?
You need to anticipate disruptions and minimise their effects. On your behalf, 2EI carries out a technical audit of the urban infrastructure. We then identify and prioritise the remedial actions to be taken.

Our references


New Orleans (United States)

Analysing the vulnerabilities of Sewerage & Water Board facilities and proposing an action plan to mitigate the impact of climate risks.

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