Partenariats public-privé - Panama

Innovative partnerships for territories

Creating and testing new urban services together.

Urban innovation often results from collaborative experimentation. The different players in a region, local authorities, companies, builders, NGOs, etc., must work together. Cross-disciplinary expertise, shared interests and complementarity make public-private partnerships real drivers for innovation!

Collaborative experimentation

New urban services

Energy and ecological transition

What actions do you want to initiate?

Establish a prototype project in your region

What for?

As local authorities, you know that new proposals for urban services must be tested on a life-size scale in your regions.



By setting up prototypes, you are demonstrating your willingness to move forward. For this purpose, we provide you with:

  • our business expertise, as well as the solutions developed by Veolia;
  • our ability to adapt them to your local context;
  • our creativity to set up the necessary cooperation.

Our references

Santiago Deseado prototype in Chile
Creating a 3D virtual prototype of French expertise in sustainable cities.


Dreams of Urban Scenes Prototype?
Experimenting with innovation on a regional scale

Did you know?

2EI, on behalf of Veolia, participates in Efficacity, an R&D centre dedicated to the energy transition of urban areas. It brings together more than 100 researchers from industry, engineering and public research on a single site.

With Veolia, 2EI contributes to Climate-KIC, a European public-private partnership programme dedicated to climate innovation. Its objectives? Develop innovation projects, accelerate start-ups and deliver education programmes.

Our references

Efficiency and the " City of Tomorrow " programme
Evaluate the performance and replicability of innovative actions. 

Loop ports
Develop the circular economy in ports.

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