Simulateur 3D – Santiago Deseado

3D simulator – Santiago Deseado



Since 2013, the French Government wanted to promote French expertise in sustainable cities on the export market. VIVAPOLIS was created. This umbrella brand gathers the French sustainable city actors. VIVAPOLIS aims to establish physical demonstrators of this expertise.
Faced with the difficulty linked to the cost of this type of project, the solution was to conduct this demonstration virtually. After consultation, the French Government thus financed the design of two 3D demonstrators.
Later on in 2016, industrial demonstrators were launched in France, the DIVDs.


The Santiago Deseado demonstrator was established by a group led by Artelia, and co-led by 2EI, integrating 2 urban architects, arte Charpentier and Architecture Studio. Siradel conducted the 3D. 2EI co-developed a territorial diagnosis of the city, a reference frame of sustainable city indicators, drew up a directory of French solutions, specified, along with Artelia, the functionalities of the simulator and the visualisation elements for the solutions integrated into the 3D demonstrator.

3D Simulator


The territorial diagnosis conducted made it possible to steer the project to cover the motorway cutting the city of Santiago in 2, towards developments making it possible to improve the sustainable nature of the city. This project transformed an infrastructure project into a desirable project (hence the name “Santiago Deseado”): a park bringing the population to the heart of the city until then deserted, integrating the city’s history, reducing segregation and inequalities, while rationally managing natural resources.